Wednesday 16 March 2011

In the beginning...

In August 2009 Uisneach was born in Dublin, Ireland.  He was a couple of weeks overdue but still on the small side, weighing just 6 lbs.  A beautiful little dark haired boy with big bright alert eyes from the moment he was born, he was just perfect.  For almost the entire first day of his life outside the womb he barely slept a wink - watching and listening to every thing that came within his range.

However, his feeding or rather lack of it became an issue in those early hours and we had to resort to bottle feeding initially to ensure he was getting enough nourishment.  Although keen to get the wee lad home we were urged by the midwives to stay an extra day or two in the maternity hospital so they could monitor his feeding and to ensure he was taking to the breast milk.

A stream of visits from grandparents, aunties and uncles made the hospital stay fly by.  And we brought Uisneach home two days later.

A new experience awaited us.  Here we were responsible for this little person.  Someone that was absolutely dependent on us for all his needs.  But he made it easy for us.  Routines were established fairly quickly.  And he slept through the night from 10 weeks.  He was always happy and curious about everything and rarely cried.  He was the dream baby!

This was easy...or so we thought!

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