Thursday 7 April 2011

A visit to the opticians

Following last weeks visit with the Optimologist in Crumlin Hospital we decided to arrange a visit to an opticians to get Uisneach's prescription taken care of.  We were recommended a place, Thomas Carroll Opticians in Dundrum, where they specialise in looking after small children.  It turned out to be a good recommendation.  And once again Uisneach still managed to surprise us by being his usual cooperative self.  Not a bother on him.

One eye was fine but there was a chance the other eye which had weaker vision would become 'lazy' if the problem wasn't addressed. It's a common enough problem in children apparently.  Often it wouldn't be noticed until a child was of school going age but as Uisneach was being checked for other potential eye issues it was spotted early thankfully. It's hoped the treatment will lead to a correction of the problem.

His Mam was still concerned that the glasses would take away from his good looks and was thinking 'designer' glasses - no matter how much they cost!  A grandmother and an auntie agreed.  His Dad wasn't so sure.  In the end we went with the recommendation from the optician.  A Fisher Price - yes the toy people - pair of glasses.  Uisneach seemed pleased enough with them.  He was happy to leave them on all the way home and up until his bedtime.  We were amazed.  Whether they take away from his looks or not we still reckon he's very cute.